Musubi Cafe Iyasume -  Aqua Pacific Monarch Hotel 2427 Kuhio Ave, Ground Fl  Honolulu, HI 96815

This is the perfect place to grab some quick "musubi" snacks.  I would recommend stocking up on some before going to the beach or to take up to your hotel for a midnight snack.  The fillings vary from fish, meat, or vegetables.  

Marukame Udon - 2310 Kuhio Ave #124, Honolulu, HI 96815

The best udon noodle in Waikiki that offers other items such as shrimp tenpura, vegetable tenpura, fried chicken, and salads.  Offer both cold and hot type of udon, their noodles are handmade and can be seen making it fresh through the window.  Be prepared for a long line outside.  However the line moves relatively quickly being that this is a cafeteria type of system.  If you are looking for a lower cost lunch or dinner this is the restaurant for you.

Surf N Turf Tacos - 2310 Kuhio Ave

Great place for Mexican food and offers a quick solution for lunch or dinner.  Try the kalbi or grilled fish tacos.

Me Bar-B-Que - 151 Uluniu Ave

If you're looking for some good Korean BBQ and authentic food then this little hole in the wall restaurant is the place for you.  Similar types of restaurant outside of Waikiki would be significantly cheaper but in Waikiki everything is expensive.  This is still a great affordable place to eat considering other restaurants.  They also serve breakfast which is rare in Waikiki without going to a expensive hotel to eat.  

The Lovin' Oven - 2425 Kuhio Ave.

If you're a pizza lover then this spot has all the right toppings to make your pie complete.  Located in the Bamboo Hotel on Kuhio Ave which is right next to the Ebbtide.  This is a BYOB establishment so please pick up your favorite micro brew or favorite bottle of wine from Posh Liquor (also on the ground floor of the Ebbtide) and have a nice dining experience.  

Shore Frye -  2446 Koa Ave.

Burgers, burgers, and burgers!  Also breakfast such as banana mac nut pancakes, omelets, and other eggs & things.  Lunch and dinner options offer steak & shrimp, chicken & fish, and every other combination you can imagine.  This establishment also has a full bar where you can watch a sports game and eat some good pupus.  

As there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from in Waikiki, I have selected the best and most cost effective places to eat where you can experience other cultural cuisines.  Of course there are Burger Kings, Subway, and KFC on our block but you can get that anywhere!  All of these restaurants selected are within walking distance to the Hawaiian Ebbtide.  

* When the new International Market Place opens there will be a food court.  At this time we do not know what restaurants will be opening.  If you are on the other end of Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center also has a food court.  

Where The Locals Eat For Cheap Grinds:

  • Zippy's 
  • Rainbow Drive Inn
  • Like Like Drive Inn
  • Side Street Inn
  • Ichiriki Japanese Nabe
  • The Pineapple Room
  • Jinbo Restaurant
  • Los Chaparros Mexican Restaurant
  • Uncle Bo's 
  • Ono Hawaiian Foods
  • Himalayan Kitchen
  • To Thai For Restaurant
  • Cafe Maharani